Top Interior Design Trends 2019

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So we all know that the world of home décor and interior design changes every year and keeps evolving just like fashion trends, because your home is your big accessory, right? It reflects your taste, mood, personality and it goes cooler or warmer with every season.

Today we’re going to guide you through the new trends of 2019, and how you can simply incorporate a few things into your home décor without really jeopardizing your budget and make your home stand out for the season.

Jewel Tone Color Palette:

This color palette has been there for years now but it still going strong more than ever for 2019. Topaz, Ruby, Garnet, Aquamarine, Amethyst, you name it; all those gem-inspired colors can be incorporated into your home décor to give your room a more luxurious look and style either by adding a rich colored rug with a unique design or a citrine cool vase on your coffee table. Introducing a Jewel tone piece to your décor will add royalty to your living space.

According to Pinterest, Mustard yellow (not so gem-like color name, ha?) in particular or Citrine (which is one of the most popular gemstones today) is going to be a big hit in 2019 which you’re going to find in almost everything.

Combining jewel tone color pieces with soft neutral colors, such as light grey or cream, will make your room pop! It can be simple yet make a bold statement.

Live plants & especially Cactus

Not only does it make your home look beautiful, fresh, and aesthetically pleasing but it also purifies the air in your home.

One of our favorite plants like “Fiddle Leaf Fig”, which is an interior design sensation due to its large glossy violin shaped leaves, adds the perfect touch to your room and it doesn’t need much sunlight so it’s perfect for the indoor décor.

“Monstera Deliciosa” or the “Window leaf” plant is a tropical, unique-shaped leaves plant that grows best between the temperatures of 20–30 °C (68–86 °F) and requires high humidity and shade, which you probably have seen in lots of artwork and home decor accessories such as throw pillows, plates and vases.

But the most famous plant, which could be also the least maintenance one, is Cactus. Using the rule of 3, try to group three pots of cacti of different shapes and heights to add an on-trend touch to your room.

Add Natural Element

Whether they’re green plants, bamboo baskets, bamboo roman shades, sea shells, leather poufs, colored woods, rattan trays, sea grass trays; incorporating nature-inspired elements to your décor adds contrast and more depth to the room. A simple white neutral toned colored room can stand out easily by adding one of these elements to give it a whole new dimension.

Our favorite tip is to take advantage of nature from your very own back yard produce, such as green apples, lemon and lime. The organic fruits create the most beautiful décor when placed in hurricane vases to add freshness to the room.

Vintage, boho accents

Bohemian décor can be challenging but can also be lots of fun. Since authentic Bohemian decor is about buying secondhand or handmade/reclaimed furniture and eclectic decorative items; each piece of furniture should be special and able to tell a story.

You can visit thrift stores, flea markets and garage sales trying to find the perfect piece for your home. This style tends to be eclectic but it can still be chic and glamorous.

It can all start by creating a neutral tone base, and then adding texture, patterns and pops of color while keeping the core of your home design modern. While there are no rules when it comes to Bohemian decorating, warm earthy colors are common, as are metallic and jewel tones.

You can still be creative with patterns. Arabesque lines, geometrical and contemporary shapes can all be incorporated when choosing a throw, cushion, lamp, side tables, or other furnishings.

Try incorporating dyed textile to your room, or hang a tapestry and rugs on your wall alongside your wall art to give your space a sense of fun and exoticism.

Terrazzo Pattern

Terrazzo (the Italian word of Terrace), which is dated back to over 500 years, was invented in Venice as a composite material that consists of chips of marble, quartz, granite and glass, all suspended in cement to be used for flooring and was brought to US and Europe in the 1700s. This classic stone material reminds us all of our childhood school floors and grandma’s kitchen countertops.

Terrazzo is coming back strongly as one of 2018/2019 home décor trends, but this time not just for flooring. With brighter colors and stronger shapes, Terrazzo pattern can be found in almost everything around us. From cabinets, to walls, to dinnerware and accessories, this beautiful pattern is on-trend and can add a modern, fresh, hippie look to your life.  

To best use Terrazzo pattern in your décor, you can pick a color from terrazzo for your interior color palette, or choose a contrast color for furniture selection.

Printed Wallpaper

Bold printed wallpaper is a top home décor trend in 2019. So whether you’re creating a featuring wall or planning to decorate all four walls, here are some of the key wallpaper trends that will make you celebrate the New Year with style.

Floral prints wallpaper such as botanical prints, beautiful tropical palm leaves and even bird prints to add exotic touch and elegancy.

Geometric Patterns:  an ultimate classic that brings sophistication to your interior. It’s great for bedrooms, entryways and can even be used for the ceiling. Hexagon with clean lines is the star when it comes to geometric décor.

3D Panels: Architects and designers are all for the 3D panels since it can hide wall flaws, make dull walls impressive, and can enhance the charm of the space with minimal effort. 3D panels come in different shapes and materials such as Gypsum (which is very popular), wood, leather, or metal.

A general tip for using wallpaper in your décor is to choose solid color furniture to counteract the busyness of the wall prints. You can also introduce some décor that complements the main color of the wallpaper. For example, metallic accents will highlight the beauty of floral prints without competing.

Overall, you don’t have to incorporate the exact trends on your décor. Every person has a unique style; you can personalize your home starting with a certain theme but then add your personal touch to present who you are and what makes you feel comfortable. You can share your personal favorites with us and we hope this article was helpful enough for you to stay up to date on the latest trends and eventually start decorating your home in a way where you can enjoy it and not feel like it’s a burden.

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