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Lamp size, important thing or not?

Many lamps on table and floor different sizes and shapes

When decorating any room of your house, you will have to add adequate lighting. Many times, this includes finding table lamps, and it can be hard to choose the correct lamp size. You may be asking yourself, how big should my lamp be? Below you will find a guide to choose the correct lamp size […]

Lighting It Right: How to Choose the Perfect Lamp

Two lamps in bedroom with cozy lightening and throw

While lamps are a well-known design element when creating and personalizing a space, choosing the right lamp for your home can make all the difference. Let’s talk about some tips that can help you to lighten up you space. First you need to decide about lamp type,  for example do you want a floor lamp […]

Lighten up your space with decorative lamps

Decorative black-gold lamp on desk

Picking the perfect lamp is a lot like choosing the right jewelry – it has to fit the place and occasion, complement without overwhelming, and draw just enough attention to be noticed. The one important thing when you are choosing your lamp is pairing the right shade with your lamp base. Here are some tips […]