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Budgeting for the kitchen

Kitchen design

The kitchen happens to be a very important place for you to decorate. The reason why you will need to decorate the kitchen or update the style every now and then is because the kitchen and dinning room happen to be the two rooms where most of the people or guests will gather and talk […]

Dinnig table-how to choose the perfect one? Part two

Dining table with few chairs i dining room with a flower vase

In last blog post we talked about different Shapes of tables. In this blog post we will continue talking about dining tables but about Sizes and Materials. SIZE It’s so important to have a table and chairs that are comfortable and fit the scale of the room. You don’t want a table that’s too large […]

Dining table décor tips for everyday

Table decoration with chairs in house

You don’t need a special occasion to decorate the dining table and to make it look beautiful. Every day should be special. Today we’ve gathered a series of lovely tips and ideas meant to show you a variety of ways in which you can make the dining table look beautiful using numerous techniques. Decorate with […]