Minimalism in Apartments Design

Minimalist home design living room

The minimalist style in apartments design is about a streamlined shape and a large space while remaining cozy and attractive. Think about what furniture can be removed from the apartment without sacrificing comfort. Choose a few items of simple, concise form. Keep only functional items on the table and surfaces. If you correctly select all the decor details, you get a room where there is plenty of space, light, and air.

In this blog we will give you some ideas and tips how to design you apartment space in style of minimalism. So, lets begin…

First you need to consider are some basic things like principle of “less is more”, get rid of objects that weigh down and distract. For such interiors minimalism in furniture is ideal.

For example, a simple cabinet that can be built into the wall. As a rule, it has no back wall, and its shelves are attached to the wall. It is excellent if the cabinets and furniture seem to merge with the ceiling and walls, creating a feeling of free space. When choosing furniture, remember that personal items should be out of sight. Therefore, it is better to choose shelves with doors and closed racks, as well a low sofa.

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# Minimalist kitchen

A kitchen designed in the spirit of minimalism should breathe cleanliness and order. As in any other room, glutting with unnecessary objects is unacceptable here. Therefore, all household appliances should be hidden. The choice of materials is wide: natural stone, brick, wood. Glass and chrome steel are also often used in finishing.

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Besides designing a kitchen you also need to have tabletop pieces. We want to share here with you very interesting plate and cup just for this kind of minimalistic design. One is called The Ash Collection Ceramic Plates with Golden Accents and The Ash Collection Cups with Golden Accents and both of this are ideal for this kind of home designs. Just to arrange colours.

Beige and white are the best for walls, which can be advantageously diluted with gray and brown pieces of furniture. The floor is covered with floorboard or tiles. The interior design of the kitchen in the style of minimalism implies the presence of furniture with simple shapes.

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# Bedroom in minimalist style

The perfect design of the bedroom involves a spacious room in which there is a lot of sunlight. It is advisable to choose calm, warm shades. There are combinations of lilac and beige, as well as gray and white. You can put a solid carpet on the floor.

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The perfect minimal bedroom should be comfortable. The minimalist style in interior design of the bedroom is created by a small amount of furniture. It will be convenient to store things in the built-in wardrobes and bedside tables of a simple form. Mirror and fixtures can be mounted in the wall. It is advisable to choose the most simple curtains or use blinds.

Every bedroom needs nice cushions. For this black and white design we have Cute Decorative Tasseled Cotton Cushion Cover. This is our best selling cushion and our followers adore it.

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The bed in minimalist style has a laconic form. Designers advise giving preference to a wide bed with a wooden headboard. Next to it, functional tables, on which lamps can be placed, will look good. Massive pot with live plants will be also appropriate.

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This blog article is not so big but we think it’s on point. 🙂

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