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Sunny days and warmer temperatures are luring us outside.. Outdoor space by itself is a work of art, but there is always something that we can add to make it even more beautiful..From yards and terraces to patios and porches, these easy decorating ideas can work for any spot you have big plans for beautifying. Have a look..

Tip no 1.  Create Spot To Gather

One of the most important thing to consider when you arrange your outdoor space..is creating a space in the backyard with plenty of space for family and  friends to sit and  gather around.

This can be anything from a fire pit, a shady tree, fountain or sculpture, whatever your favorite part of your backyard, arrange seating to attract attention and  make a welcoming spot.

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Tip no 2.  Use Trees To Provide Light

Trees are rarely put to any use at night mainly because there is never enough light around them to attract attention.

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Tip no 3. Patterns Help Everything Match 

No matter what furniture style or material you are using, one simple pattern can help everything come together.

If you have all the same material furniture, use similar colors and designs instead of identical ones to add some necessary variety.

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Creative Decorative Geometrically Patterned Cotton Cushion

Tip no 4. A Mirror Can Make A Difference

Mirrors are an easy addition that can make a hudge and amayingimpact to an outdoor space.

Big or small, use mirrors to expand any area, find a design to match your style.

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Tip no 5.  Incorporate The Water Element and Fire pit element

Adding the water element, such as a fountain or pond, is not the easiest of these backyard projects but it can really make a splash..

Fountains can be used to be the center of attention or provide the perfect accent to your favorite outdoor spot.

The only thing more attractive then water is fire; using fire pit anywhere in an outdoor space is sure to get some wow’s.

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If nights are colder you can always use throws and blankets.

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Kansas Geometric Cotton Throw Blanket

Tip no 6. Grab A Lot Of Shade With A Giant Umbrella

Jumbo sized umbrellas are the best way to cover a large area of the patio; not to mention they are quite eye catching as well.

Normal umbrellas won’t be able to protect larger furniture arrangements like a deep seating sectional or a trio of chaise lounges.

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Tip no 7. Find Artwork Or a Sculpture To Accent The Look and Style

Hanging artwork & sculptures brings a distinctive look, while adding more life to the theme you are going for.

Consider using a piece that represent you to make it your patio feel more like of a part of you.

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Tip no 8. Archways – Transitions from one space to another

One of the most inviting outdoor pieces to use is an archway.

Archways are best used to set a transition from one outdoor area to another.

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Tip no 9. Dining Areas Should Have The Best View

If you enjoy eating outside then consider setting up the dining table to look upon the best view in the entire backyard.

That view can be  overlooking something as grand as an ocean, or something as small as a garden; just make sure it is your favorite place to spend time & make memories.

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Tip no 10. Find a Place To Sit Under The Tree

The biggest shame of having a large, shady tree is not setting up a place to sit & relax underneath.

There are lots of creative ways to make a seating area perfect under your tree; could be a drinking hangout, a secluded reading spot, or a place to spend romantic nights.

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Tip no 11. Place To Swing From or to hang up a hammock

An outdoor swing can be one of the most enticing areas of the backyard.

They serve as a perfect oasis to escape by yourself; or perhaps enjoy your day outside swinging with someone special. Hanging a hammock is one of the simplest ways to add some new area to the patio.

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