Lighting It Right: How to Choose the Perfect Lamp

Two lamps in bedroom with cozy lightening and throw

While lamps are a well-known design element when creating and personalizing a space, choosing the right lamp for your home can make all the difference.

Let’s talk about some tips that can help you to lighten up you space.

First you need to decide about lamp type,  for example do you want a floor lamp or a table lamp. Here are some basic difference between these two types:

# Floor Lamps

Floor lamps have a weighty presence in a room because, in contrast to a table lamp, they are a stand-alone piece of furniture. They are ideal for minimizing shadows and creating stunning overhead light in a bedroom or entryway. Be sure to consider the size of your space you are looking to fill and what style you are looking to achieve in your space. There are floor lamps to suit every style, and they are a great way to add personality and functionality to the room!

Floor lamp slika 1 - home-decor - Lighting It Right: How to Choose the Perfect Lamp
Floor lamp

# Table Lamps

Table lamps work with your decor to enhance the beauty and bring light to your home. These space-conscious light fixtures are generally paired with a desk, side table, buffet table, or another flat surface that gives them the height to softly illuminate a room.

If you need more light than a single table lamp can offer, then place multiple table lamps throughout the room.  Utilizing a pair of table lamps is a commonly used way to create balance in your space and tie it all together. Further, try and consider lamp shades when selecting the perfect one for your room. Opaque shades with adjustable lights can brighten an office space or reading nook without lighting up an entire room.

Slika 2 Table lamp 533x800 - home-decor - Lighting It Right: How to Choose the Perfect Lamp
Table lamp

And here are  some tips about how you can use floor and table lamp to décor your space…

Ideal for Arranging Next to a Couch or Chair

Floor lamps are generally located next to a seating area, like a couch or chair. They are perfect to illuminating a small space and leaving a small footprint in your home. Additionally, an accent chair paired with a floor lamp is a great combination because the chair serves as a way to keep from tripping over the cord. The two-piece paired together also give a unified “cubby” feeling, so you will have a cozy nook vibe in the room and break it seating into areas so all people in the space are comfortable.

Perfect to Place in a Dark Corner

A floor lamp is also a fantastic way to add a bit more personalization to a space by introducing multiple lighting sources. By offering a floor lamp in addition to a table lamp, you can vary your lighting by your mood or the time of day. Spend the evening enveloped in your favorite novel snuggled on your favorite chair next to a floor lamp. Your significant other can then be only feet away watching a movie and have their space dimly lit. The flexibility means everyone can be accommodated and make the most of the space.

SLIKA 3 - home-decor - Lighting It Right: How to Choose the Perfect Lamp
Example of floor lamp arranging

Jazz Up a Console Table

Whether your console table is set against an empty wall or the back of a sofa, it’s the perfect place for a table lamp. For wider console tables, a pair of matching table lamps can be an attractive choice that balances your arrangement and provides twice the light. Choose lampshades that lend to the look you’re trying to create — opaque shades will keep the light soft and localized while transparent shades allow for a brighter light that illuminates more of a room.

Slika 4 - home-decor - Lighting It Right: How to Choose the Perfect Lamp
How to jazz up your console table

Complete Your Nightstand

Placing a lamp on a nightstand is a popular choice and is perfect for balancing a bedroom while allowing partners matching nightstand lamps for their personal needs. Great for quickly turning lights on or off in the evening, desk lamps placed on a nightstand is where fashion meets function! Be sure to find a set that incorporates the theme and desired design elements for the room. From modern industrial to traditional or contemporary, a desk lamp can add more than just light to the space!

Slika 5 - home-decor - Lighting It Right: How to Choose the Perfect Lamp
Nightstand lamp arrangment

Spice up Your End Table

A table lamp can be the perfect addition to a living room that needs just a little extra light in the early morning or afternoon when natural light begins to fade. An end table next to an accent chair or couch is a natural spot for a stylish table lamp that can supplement the lighting from ceiling lights and floor lamps. One popular way to use table lamps is to pair them up and frame a sofa with side tables that each hold a complimenting lamp. This method helps establish a symmetrical look and balanced feel that to your lighting and your decor.

Slika 6 - home-decor - Lighting It Right: How to Choose the Perfect Lamp
Symmetrical look of table lamps

Hope those tips can help you out when looking and choosing lamps for your bedroom or living room.

Stay tuned for more in two days!

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  1. Kate Hansen says:

    I loved how you mentioned that they can enhance beauty! My husband and I are wanting to find more ways to make our home lighter, and we were wondering what type of lamps we should get for our living room. I really appreciate you helping me learn more about picking lamps for your home!

  2. Buy Lamps Online says:

    Loved this post! The lamps look so lovely and charming. I just ordered 2 lamps for my bedroom! Thank you for making this process so easy. I loved the options and it saved me so much time. I love your style and how you give several options that appeal to varying tastes.

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