How to design a Minimalist Home – Part 2

Minimalist living room

Decorating your house in a minimalist style, will make it appear a lot brighter, fresher and give it an overall elegant appearance. Creating a relaxing environment clutter-free is a great way to guarantee that you can relax and unwind at the end of the day, surrounded by a minimalist home decor.

Considering the following minimalist interior design ideas can help you change your home environment from heartless hovel to a pristine palace fit for royalty. Choosing a minimalist living is a great first step towards creating a relaxing environment.

# Minimalist living room

Minimalistic living rooms are the best in modern design as they bring the luxury of understated elegance to everyday life. With the right design, you will get a room with a positive, bright energy. Usually, for decorating the living room you can use classic shades: black, white, beige and gray. It is also permissible to introduce bursts of bold shades such as orange, red and green.

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As you can see on this example above for minimalism home you need black and white wall decor. We have some interesting pieces on our Store.

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“Lama in New York City” Canvas

The interior design of the living room in the style of minimalism should be thought out to the smallest detail. It should harmoniously combine open space, rigorous forms, and functionality. Proper lighting is an important element of the living room. Large windows provide plenty of light, making your living room more visually large. TV is better to install on the wall while cabinets should be built-in. Also, pay attention to items with flat reflective surfaces. Furniture for the living room in the style of minimalism (sofa, chairs, coffee table) should have geometric shapes and smooth silhouettes.

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# Bathroom in the style of minimalism

The interior and bathroom fixtures are restrained and rigorous. The style does not tolerate the presence of more than two primary colors. Alternatively, you can choose a beige bath with a brown finish.

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The flooring should also not be full of textures and colors. It is best to put tile or waterproof laminate. The interior design of the bathroom in the style of minimalism excludes paintings, bas-reliefs and more. There is a wide range of facing materials: wood, metal, glass.

It is important to limit the number of bath accessories. Shelves with roller shutters look neat and do not overload the room. Metal mounts for mirrors and towels fit perfectly. It is also necessary not to forget about ambient lighting. A minimal bathtub should be of a simple geometric shape without unnecessary details.

# Kids room in minimalist style

Kids room in this style is ideal for a family with several children. If you choose functional furniture, you can significantly save space. To do this, you need to fix a few wall cabinets on the wall, which will store books. The design of a kids room usually starts with the selection of colors. As a rule, these should be light shades for walls. They can be painted or finished with light wallpaper.

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The design of a teen room in the style of minimalism involves a folding bed. The advantage of such a bed is that its lower part extends to sleep and retracts during the daytime. Also, to save space, you can use furniture-transformer. Such a space will be a great place for games and creativity.

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