Dining table décor tips for everyday

Table decoration with chairs in house

You don’t need a special occasion to decorate the dining table and to make it look beautiful. Every day should be special. Today we’ve gathered a series of lovely tips and ideas meant to show you a variety of ways in which you can make the dining table look beautiful using numerous techniques.

Decorate with fruit

Use fresh fruit to add color to the dining table. Put apples, oranges, lemons and any other fruits you like in transparent glass containers and turn them into centerpieces for the dining table. What’s really nice about this idea is that you can eat the fruit for desert so they’re not just simple decorations.

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Table decor with fruits

Decorate with plants

Another lovely idea is to use fresh plants to decorate the dining table. You can have two or three potted plants placed at the center of the table. They shouldn’t be too big or they’ll occupy a lot of space on the table plus they’ll obstruct the views.

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Dinning table decor with plants

Decoration of Modern dining tables

In modern decors the whole idea is to be simple. You can adapt any type of dining table decoration to this style. For example, use a simple wooden planter to bring color into the room.

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Modern dinning tables

Decoration with vases

A vase of flowers is always a good option. The vase itself can be the focal point and the flowers can be simple and monochrome. Or you can play with shapes and colors and create an eye-catching flower arrangement.

It’s also possible to skip the flowers and to only use vases. Group them up and combine various shapes, sizes and colors to create a really interesting display. Similarly, you can use other types of collections to decorate the dining table.

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Decoration with vases of flowers

Decoration with candles

You can also decorate with candles. You can pick some really lovely votives or you can make them yourself. Use pillar candles. They’ll very versatile and long-lasting.

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Candles table decorations

Sometimes the table itself is interesting enough and doesn’t need anything else to look beautiful. To highlight the table, you can surround it with minimalist dining chairs and you can also display a beautiful lighting fixture above it.

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Beautiful table without any decor

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