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Autumn is a wonderful time to redecorate or update a few tired interior motifs in your apartment or house. After all, the colors of the changing leaves are quite beautiful, and who doesn’t love the fresh feel of new decor livening up the home? Fall usually cools things down outside, but the colors of the season are all about comfort, warmth, and are very welcoming.

# Energetic Red

It’s no surprise that bright, vibrant red will increase your energy. With its effect on adrenaline, heart rate, and excitement, red is a popular choice for the dining room. Dinner gatherings, from a simple family meal to a fun party, tend to get more lively when dining areas feature red.

While red is also the color associated with romance, red isn’t the best bedroom choice. The livening effect of red might make sleeping more difficult. If you decide to go red during your autumn spruce, keep in mind that it’s a bold color and will need neutrals to balance it. A little goes a long way with primary colors.

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Energetic red

# Snuggly Brown

As the only neutral on the list of traditional fall colors, brown offers more diversity than some of the others. Just consider how many things in your home are already shades of brown and how easy it is to add color pops to brown decor.

Brown is a cozy color, so don’t be surprised if your family wants to snuggle after you install some new browns in your living room. With brown, the important thing to watch for is its undertones. Warm or cool undertones will direct your choice of colors to pair with your brown design scheme.

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Snuggly brown

# Stimulating Orange

As the most energetic color on this list, orange is a great choice for exercise room decoration because of its stimulating effects. Before you paint the walls around your treadmill orange, however, bear in mind that it also increases appetite.

If you love orange, consider mixing it with a calming color, like blue, to dampen the effects. As opposites on the color wheel, orange and blue accent each other quite nicely. Too much contrast, however, might cause some chaos, so let it be an accent decoration rather than a main interior design theme.

Slika 3 1204x800 - home-decor - Autumn decor
Stimulating orange

# Cheerful Yellow

We associate the color yellow with the sun and with flowers, so it’s no wonder yellow inspires cheerfulness and happiness. When decorating with yellow, go for accents and small touches of the color rather than giant statements.

Painting an entire room yellow might actually cause anxiety or frustration instead of the desired bright, cheerful mood. In the right amounts, yellow will bring about a sunny ambience to your room. Start small with a few pieces, then add more as you see fit.

Slika 4 1132x800 - home-decor - Autumn decor
Cheerful yellow

# Bringing autumn inside

Armed with this knowledge of how color affects your mood, have some interior decorating fun this season by bringing autumn inside. Whether you go small with just a few accent pieces or daring and bold by repainting an entire wall, the right mix of fall colors will spice up your home.

Slika 5 519x800 - home-decor - Autumn decor
Bringing autumn inside

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